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From wonderful traditional ribbons such as Rocking Horse and Holly Leaves to contemporary Rose Gold, we hope you'll find something to add sparkle to your Christmas! 
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Garlands are gorgeous and can be used in so many ways at Christmas.
They look wonderful in gift wraps and are so easy to use - just wrap them around and tuck in the ends! You can use them alone or in combination with other ribbons.
They also look beautiful trailed through Christmas wreaths and can be used to add a lovely twinkle to Christmas trees. 
Sparkle with Gold, Silver or contemporary Rose Gold Bead Garlands or create your own Starry Night with Constellation Silver & Gold.
Gold, Silver & Rose Gold Bead Garlands: 75p per metre
Gold & Silver Constellation: 75p per metre; £18.00 per 30 metre reel
Add an extra something to your gifts with our Embellishments Collection! - a gorgeous collection of Stars, Bells and Christmas Trees to ensure your packages twinkle and jingle all the way!
The Gold and Silver Bells ring beautifully! Thread them on Super Narrow Satin or any 3mm width ribbon.
The 10mm Gold Bells will need to be threaded on Super Narrow Satin. 
Add sparkle and charm with our tiny Gold and Silver Stars which will need to be threaded on Super Narrow Satin.
The Gold & Christmas Trees are self-adhesive and can be used on their own or with ribbons to add a festive touch to any gift or card. 
15mm Silver or Gold Bells (pack of 10) - £1.50
10mm Gold Bells (pack of 10) - £1.00
Gold & Silver Christmas Trees (pack of 6) - £1.00
10mm Gold Stars (pack of 15) - £2.50
7mm Silver Stars (pack of 20) - £1.25
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