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Satin and Sheer ribbons combine the delicacy of a sheer organza with the elegance of a satin and are perfect for any occasion. Sheer Finesse and Shadowstripe are our luxury ranges. Sheer Finesse is a superlative satin and sheer ribbon. Made by Berisfords in the UK, it flows like silk and handles like a dream. 
It's also impossible to overstate the quality of the Shadowstripe range. These sumptuous satin and sheer ribbons literally drape like cloth and both widths have their own distinctive character. Made by Schiff Ribbons in the USA, renowned for their quality, they have a soft sheen and a natural thickness resulting from a very high thread count.
Sheer Elegance and Interlude are high quality ranges which offer the widest range of colours and widths. 
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