Rose Gold
We're delighted to share our new Rose Gold Collection and hope that you love it as much as we do!
We love everything about Rose Gold Jazz! - the most beautiful colour, delicate texture and wired so it holds its shape beautiufully. It's available in 25mm & 40mm widths by the metre and 20 metre roll.
Rose Gold Bead Garland is absolutely gorgeous, with 7mm and 2mm Rose Gold Beads strung along a strong Rose Gold nylon thread, and so easy to use - just wrap it around and tuck in the ends!
Rose Gold Textured Metallic is wonderfully light to handle and ties into bows with ease. It's available in 3mm, 10mm & 15mm widths by the metre and 20m roll.  Rose Gold Lame is all you could wish for in this popular weave - glitter and the most beautiful Rose Gold colour! It is available in7mm, 15mm & 25mm widths by the metre and 20m roll. Both are by Berisfords Ribbons, renowned for their quality. 
Peach Rose Gold DF Satin is the most romantic shade of this much-loved colour and is available in 8 widths, from 3mm - 66m by the metre and roll.