Rose Gold
We're delighted to announce our new Rose Gold Collection and hope that you love it as much as we do!
Rose Gold Bead Garland is absolutely gorgeous, with 7mm and 2mm Rose Gold Beads strung along a strong Rose Gold nylon thread.
Rose Gold Textured Metallic is wonderfully light to handle and ties into bows with ease. It's available in 3mm, 10mm & 15mm widths by the metre
and 20m roll.  Rose Gold Lame is all you could wish for in this popular weave - glitter and the most beautiful Rose Gold colour! It is available in
7mm, 15mm & 25mm widths by the metre and 20m roll. Both are by Berisfords Ribbons, renowned for their quality. 
Peach Rose Gold DF Satin is the most romantic shade of this much-loved colour and is available in 8 widths, from 3mm - 66m by the metre and roll. 
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