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Lustrous and versatile, satin ribbons are a classic for any occasion. Woven to give a silken finish on both sides (double-faced or DF) or on just one (single-faced or SF), satin ribbons are available in a huge range of colours and widths. 
All of our satin ribbon ranges are luxury quality, with the exception of our Super-Wide Satin which is a high quality single-faced satin. Our English satins have a beautiful sheen and a luxurious drape. Made from recycled polyester, they're available in 82 shades and 9 widths by the metre or roll. They're beautiful ribbons which handle wonderfully. 
Our luxurious Wired Christmas DF Satins are made in the UK by Berisfords and show all their hallmarks - they exude quality and have an almost pearlescent sheen. They handle wonderfully and hold their shape beautifully - you can almost sculpt your bows!
Our USA satins are by Schiff Ribbons. With a soft sheen and a natural thickness resulting from a very high thread count, the quality of their double-faced satins is plain to see. Their single-faced satins (with a sheen on just one side) are of the same quality but handle more lightly.  We're dazzled by their gorgeous colours, available in 6 widths by the metre (3mm width is also available on 27m rolls).

We've extended our colour range by adding some beautifully subtle French satins which flow like silk.

The Gold & Silver-Edged, Picot-Edged and Rococco Satin Ranges offer a slightly more decorative alternative to the classic satin. 

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