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Wired Florals
Floral ribbons always look lovely, adding a smile or a touch of romance.  
The wired edge allows the ribbons to hold their shape, allowing you to create beautiful bows and gently sculpt the ribbon. 
They're perfect for adding to garlands, festooning, and adding a luxurious touch to a gift wrap. 

Our gorgeous wired floral sheers have an almost pearlescent sheen and are simply beautiful. Available in 60mm width, they're perfect for decorating or adding a luxurious touch to a gift wrap. The wired edge allows you to create perfect bows or gently sculpt the ribbon.


Daisies always add a smile. Our 63mm Wired Daisy ribbons are perfect for Easter garlands, decorating trees for egg hunts or gift wraps. 

Our wired vintage floral ribbons are another lovely Easter choice - use them for decorating or gift wraps. 
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