Sarsaparilla Double-Faced Satin (10mm & 22mm unavailable)

It's hard to overstate the sumptuousness of Schiff's gorgeous double-faced satins. With a soft sheen and a natural thickness resulting from a very high thread count, their quality is plain to see. Their single-faced satins (with a sheen on just one side) are of the same quality but handle more lightly. We're dazzled by their gorgeous colours. Sadly, Schiff are no longer in business so once these ribbons are sold, they're gone. Buy them while you can. 


This ribbon is available in 3mm, 7mm, 15mm, 22mm, 38mm & 60mm widths by the metre. All the 3mm are double-faced satins and are also available on 27m rolls. Where asterisked, the other widths are single-faced satins. 

3mm - 30p per metre; £7.50 per 27m roll

7mm - 40p per metre

15mm - 50p per metre

38mm - 95p per metre

60mm - £1.30 per metre

Sarsaparilla Double-Faced Satin (10mm & 22mm unavailable)

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