Peach Rose DF Satin

We've extended our colour range by adding some beautifully subtle French satins. These luxury quality satins flow like silk and handle wonderfully. They are available per metre and per roll.


3mm: 30p per metre; £9.45 per 50m roll

6mm: 40p per metre; £7.50 per 25m roll

10mm: 45p per metre; £8.20 per 25m roll

15mm: 50p per metre; £10.30 per 25m roll

25mm: 65p per metre; £12.10 per 25m roll

38mm: 85p per metre; £15.80 per 25m roll

50mm: 95p per metre; £19.10 per 25m roll

66mm: £1.40 per metre; £26.30 per 25m roll​

Peach Rose DF Satin

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