We've extended our colour range by adding some beautifully subtle French satins. These luxury quality satins flow like silk and handle wonderfully. They are available per metre and per roll.


3mm: 30p per metre; £9.45 per 50m roll

6mm: 40p per metre; £7.50 per 25m roll

10mm: 45p per metre; £8.20 per 25m roll

15mm: 50p per metre; £10.30 per 25m roll

25mm: 65p per metre; £12.10 per 25m roll

38mm: 85p per metre; £15.80 per 25m roll

50mm: 95p per metre; £19.10 per 25m roll

66mm: £1.40 per metre; £26.30 per 25m roll​

Ivory DF Satin

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