Christmastide - Stars
Create your own Starry Night with our lovely range of Star Ribbons... and add twinklt to all your gifts with our delightful 7mm Silver and 1omm Gold Star Embellishments. 

We love Gold & Silver Constellation Garlands. Garlands look gorgeous and are so easy to use - just wrap them round and tuck the ends in! They also look lovely threaded through wreaths and add sparkle to Christmas Trees.

Starry Cloud is a beautiful, delicate sheer ribbon in 38mm width and is available in two designs - Large or Small Stars.

Fantasia is a strong, robust wired ribbon that is perfect for wreaths or larger gifts.

Constellation Gold & Silver: 75p per metre; £18.00 per 30 metre roll.
Starry Cloud: 85p per metre; £15.00 per 22 metre roll
25mm Fantasia: £1.00 per metre; £8.50 per 10 metre roll
40mm Fantasia: £1.45 per metre; £12.00 per 10 metre roll

7mm Silver Stars: £1.25 (pack of 20)
10mm Gold Stars: £2.50 (pack of 15)