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Christmastide - Silver
Silver is a perfect Christmas choice and always looks magical. Choose from a wide selection of satins, metallics, sheers and wired ribbons.

Choose wider wired ribbons for dressing trees and for garlands. Our top picks are 70mm Elizabethan Silver and 70mm Silver Jazz. Narrower wired ribbons allow you to create perfect bows for gift wraps. 

Constellation Silver and Silver Bead Garland add twinkle to Christmas trees and look lovely threaded through garlands. They also look fabulous on gifts - simply wrap them around and tuck in the ends!

Satins are classic Christmas ribbons and always look beautiful, with a timeless elegance. Available in up to 9 widths, they can be used for almost everything - to decorate, wrap gifts, thread through garlands or hang decorations.   

Twines and cords add a contemporary look to any gift and handle easily. Don't miss our Embellishments page of stars and bells which will guarantee your gifts sparkle and jingle all the way!
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