Christmastide - Burgundy & Wine
Wine and Burgundy are a luxurious and rich Christmas choice, and match wonderfully with gold.
Choose from a wide selection of satins, grosgrains, sheers and wired ribbons and gorgeous Bordeaux Velvet.
Don't miss our Embellishments page of stars and bells which will guarantee your gifts sparkle and jingle all the way!
Satins are lustrous and versatile, Available in up to 9 widths, they are perfect for gifts, decorating, wreaths and hanging ornaments.
For an extra special festive touch, choose Gold- Edged Satin.
Sheers are beautifully delicate and always look lovely. Wired organzas will hold their shape beatuifully and are perfect for wreaths and gifts.
These ribbons are priced individually and many are available in a range of widths so click into them for details.